DR Prem

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Award Winning Leader, Global Influencer and Speaker- Global Healthcare &Medical Tourism

An award winning strategic global healthcare leader- Dr Premis world-renowned medical tourism expert in the world. He is also Author of Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism and wellness tourism guidebooks. He has traveled to over fourty countries to research and has deliver keynote in 150 international conferences.

Working as a Strategic Professional and chartered consultant with leading healthcare organizations across the globe, Dr Prem on one hand has built professional experience and enormous knowledge while on other hand has delivered world-class strategic business, innovative and technology solutions that enabled clients to become high performance and high profitable businesses achievers.

Dr Prem also owns and leads a web network, web services and technology business that perfectly complements his skills and offers an outlook to our internet savvy interconnected society.

He is engaged in offering multi-dimensional healthcare solutions from healthcare management, international marketing and business development to global healthcare expansion. He has also founded Global Healthcare News & Network, a leading and growing community of Global Healthcare professionals.In addition, Dr Prem applies skills in project and program management while exhibiting leadership in the process re-engineering and implementation of process, technology, and organizational change.

His in-depth educational profile covers multi-dimensional qualifications, Bachelor in Alternative Medicine, MBA in Healthcare Management & Post Graduate Diploma specializing in Healthcare Marketing Management. Chartered Association of BA, US (AGovernment Patent Professional Association) awarded him with the Chartered Consultant status.

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