IIMTC provides a global platform for hospital groups, medical travel organizations and health services companies to increase their international presence and patient network, helping gain market share in the fast growing medical tourism industry.

Holding the distinction of being the ‘Only Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Conference’ of its kind in India, IIMTC provides the following advantages to the participants :

• The International India Medical Tourism Congress will provide an opportunity to attract medical tourists to India from all over the world.

• This conference will strive to address some of the most important medical tourism issues including international health and the law.Matters dealing with international medical care, jurisdiction, complications, insurance coverage and several other legal issues will be discussed.

• IIMTC aims to develop a network of global players in the medical industry with top international hospitals, medical tourism facilitators, international insurance companies and government officials.

• The conference will offer an opportunity to interact with leaders in the medical tourism industry, helping in forming local and global partnerships.

• It will serve as a platform to exhibit and view the latest advancements and innovations in healthcare facilities and services.

• It will definitely throw an opportunity to learn more about consumers, their cultures, customs and expectations.

• This specialized conference will provide an opportunity to explore, and possibly, benchmark the quality of services provided to patients.

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