International India Medical Tourism Congress in its International edition now, has become almost synonymous with the fast-growing Indian Medical Tourism Industry. Held for the first time in 2014, the mega event has progressed to become one of the most sought after platform for anyone desirous of being associated and reaping huge benefits in this coveted area.


Still waiting to know more about the only platform in India where about-peihundreds of National & International people meet to discuss the policies

IIMTC has gradually evolved to be India’s First and Only platform in India where hundreds of people from the health sector from across the globe meet to discuss the policies and procedures, legal framework, latest trends, competitors & stakeholders, medical tour business acumen, certification, how & with whom to tie up for business.

With our two years in-depth research prior to first IIMTC conference in 2014, we were able to knock the right doors in terms of government agencies, competitors and stakeholders to be invited at the outset of a mission which we slogan as “Brand India”


We have always kept a sharp edge on the quality of attendees in the about-pei2conference and as a result, we have been able to grow exponentially and benefited all our stakeholders with multiple benefits.  With our aim to create a platform for solution providing and knowledge sharing, IIMTC has been always praised by the attendees of the Congress for instant results. This we have done only because of keeping the right blend of people to be invited to the conference.

Last IIMTC, held in Nov. 2015, has positioned itself as the largest event in INDIA in the health tourism industry. Since then, our organization has amplified its focus and we are heading towards most affluent places of India.

about-pei3In order to portray India’s worth on international forum, we have showcased every aspect of India’s Med Tour industry and associated agencies. IIMTC has been successful in acquiring the essences of medical tourist across the globe. IIMTC has been the host to many dignitaries and delegates from the house of important associations and agencies from the world around.

The in-depth research and preparations of over two years prior to conducting the first IIMTC in 2014, helped the organizers in contacting the right government departments, as well as in identifying the proper channels and actual stakeholders in to be invited in this event.

The first edition of the IIMTC, held in the Indian capital of New Delhi on December 13th and 14th 2014, was attended by over 150 delegates from around 20 countries like Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Brazil, Afghanistan, Turkey, South Africa, etc. The conference was addressed by Dr. Lalit K Panwar, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism (MoT), Government of India, who emphasized about the unique position of tourism in India with the new government at the helm.

The second edition of IIMTC, went underway on 20th and 21st November 2015 at New Delhi, consolidating its position as a converging point for the stakeholders, policymakers, and several governments as well as non-government organizations to strategize and network various facets of the medical tourism industry, taking it to an altogether new level.

Dr. V.K. Singh, the Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs, Government of India was the Chief Guest of IIMTC 2015. Other prominent delegates at the ceremony included Dr. Kassim Issak Osman, Hon’ble Minister of Health, Republic of Djibouti, and the Health Minister, secretary and advisors from the Government of Swaziland, besides a large number of delegates and speakers from USA, Russia and CIS, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, SAARC and several African countries.

IIMTC 2016 also conducted a hosted buyers program, with participants from 50 countries, providing them with an opportunity to meet, connect and collaborate with industry buyers and do business with suppliers from around the world.



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