by admin, August 13, 2015

Over the last decade the Indian medical system has undergone a sea change with increasingly strong participation by the corporate and the private sector. These days private and corporate hospitals, nursing homes and clinics play a major role in administration of Indian health care. Some of these private hospitals and clinics are highly advanced and provide world-class medical services. As part of the social and economic needs of the country, corporate hospitals are also obliged to care for patients who are economically disadvantaged.

As India continues to liberalize its health care industry, encouraging public-private partnerships, and otherwise easing restrictions on foreign investment, innovation and adaptation are fueling new business models in health care delivery. We can expect to see a coming of age for health care in India more quickly than expected. India is moving into a new area of medical outsourcing, where subcontractors provide services to the overburdened medical care systems in western countries.

India’s considerable leap in technology and medical skillset have enabled the generation of Rs.12.40 lakh ($20,000) per patient as against Rs.1.24 lakh ($ 2,000 per person) from general tourism. Currently, out of the 8 million annual inflow of international tourists into India, 2 million are for medical tourism. India witnessing a 30 per cent uptick in annual medical tourists which indicates the positive image of Indian healthcare. Patients from Africa, Middle East and Asian regions access Indian hospitals for cardiac interventions, joint transplant, dental care, among others

The advent of 4G mobile phone services would now be a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry and this would also further give fillip to medical tourism. Boosted by an increasing number of experts in modern and oriental medicine, state-of-the-art facilities, affordable pricing and solid IT infrastructure, India is prepped to become the leading medical tourism destination in Asia.

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