It is the unique and largest knowledge sharing & Business Networking event that display India’s and Uzbekistan potential to provide healthcare globally and help build India and Uzbekistan as the top medical tourism destination.

IIMTC also provides a global platform for hospitals, medical travel organizations, healthcare service companies and Healthcare Investor and Government agencies to increase their international presence and patient network and also help in growing the share of India in this market.

Besides remaining updated with the latest happenings in the medical tourism industry, some specific benefits to participants are as follows:

  • Healthcare providers, hospitals and systems can leverage new domestic, regional and international business relationships to increase their number of patients.
  • Congress will provide exceptional, educational and networking opportunities to ensure the success in business for all stakeholders.
  • Everybody associated can learn “healthcare practices” in sustaining medical tourism
  • Businesses can discover how to tap into new and emerging patient markets
  • Find out how to maximize patients from existing markets
  • Create affiliations with international hospitals in other countries and collaborate with hospitals and governments in research and development projects
  • Gain knowledge of how to develop and expand your international patient centre and create the best patient experience
  • Network with hospitals from around the world looking for innovative technologies such as telemedicine, e-medicine and other technologies to treat patients remotely
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to advance your technologies, products and services in order to improve standards of care for patients.
  • Partner with investors building new hospitals
  • Collaborate with other Government officials and learn best practices from other regions and countries who are booming in medical tourism through successful case studies
  • Understand How to develop a Healthcare City or Medical Tourism Zone
  • Grow healthcare investment and development in your country by connecting with investors
  • Get an insight about cutting edge research and statistics on medical tourism
  • Learn how to create an outstanding patient experience and drive new patients through word of mouth and other marketing strategies

Also, Benefits:

  • Heavy Inflow of foreign revenue.
  • Development of Tourism due to the arrival of foreign patients.
  • International Branding and Promotion
  • The building of good reputation and strategic relationship with foreign Delegate and diplomats
  • Exchange of Medical Technology know-how with both developed and developing countries
  • Collective development of both the Indian tourism and Medical Sectors

Benefits for Wellness and Spa Industry

• Build links with employers, international benefits managers/ insurers, TPA’s, agents and buyer who are key players in shaping corporate wellness programs and are a great source of patient referrals.

• Learn to brand your business like international spa and/or wellness   center, which is a top wellness tourism destination, but is affected by increase in competition worldwide.

• Develop business relationships with International healthcare providers, travel agents and medical tourism facilitators, tour & travel agents, Government Official, CEO of international hospital, president of Association who are vital source of patient referrals.

• Acquire knowledge about hotels, spas, resorts and wellness provider strategies.

Benefits for Medical Tourism Facilitators

• Adopt strategies to significantly improve your customers experience.

• Grasp best industry practices regarding the continuum of care.

• Master sales funnel techniques.

• Learn to maximizing your revenue.

• Create partnerships with employers, International hospitals and other buyers.

• Understand criteria to use when choosing which hospitals to work with.

• Identify the challenges related to liability insurance.

• Learn about compliance with privacy laws.

Benefits for Tour & Travel Agents

• In-depth understanding of the Uzbekistan medical tourism industry.

• Learn how to build your business model from industry experts.

• Understand the needs and expectations of medical travellers.

• Find out about Medical and Wellness Tourism business and revenue opportunities.

• Managing Quality and liability issues.

• Partnerships options with medical providers, hotels, spas and wellness centres.

Benefits for Insurance Providers

• Acquire skills/ best practices from multinational companies and insurers.

• Network and collaborate with peers on strategies to reach out to emerging markets with limited budget and time.

• Receive a complimentary membership to the Global Benefits Association
• Get free access to a member portal and collaboration tool to share policies and reports on the industry.

• Chance of getting in touch with all your future consolidates from medical tourism facilitators to hospitals and doctors worldwide.

Benefits for Government Organizations

• Discover how medical tourism can boost healthcare for people.

• Seek healthcare investment and development in country by alliance with investors.

• Learn how to plan development of a Healthcare City or Medical Tourism Zone.

• Get insights about cutting edge research and statistics on medical tourism.

• Learn to manage and develop rich healthcare clusters.

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