President of SCCEM
Chairman, IIWMTA
Medical Tourism Entrepreneur

Sr. Intensivist
Dr. H. N. Garg is a senior medical care professional based in New Delhi with specialization in the fields of critical care and anaesthesia. He completed his MBBS, .in (2002) from GRMC Gwalior and P.G. in Anaesthesia in 2005 from SSMC Rewa (Institution).

As a qualified healthcare professional, he worked with:
1.UCMS & GTB hospital New Delhi- 3year (2006 – 2009)
2.Max Super Speciality hospital Patparganj new delhi- as consultant 6 years (2009 -2015)
3.Max Saketcity hospital new delhi senior consultant (2015)
4.Yashoda super speciality hospital delhi NCR 2016- 2017 as head of department in critical care /CTVS Unit and Core Committee Member in patient safety and antibiotic stewardship and infection control
5.Atlanta Mediworld hospital – Director Critical care Unit and Board Member of hospital Management.

Besides dedicating his time and efforts in the treatment and care of critical care patients, Dr. Garg has always been enthusiastic about contributing for the affordable and betterment of the Healthcare for society at large. In his endeavor to play his role for the community and the nation,
Dr.garg has entrepreneurial approach to Setup and Part of Best Critical care unit as Protocol and strict to follow evidence based medicine in many hospital( Yashoda,Deepak,Sarvodaya,Atlanta,Max,Metro,Delhi heart,etc) Dr.garg Trained Many Doctors.
he founded SCCEM in 2013 for training and Education of Junior Doctors and paramedics staff and Upliftment of healthcare

SCCEM is an organization- National Non- Profit healthcare organization
Works of SCCEM:
1. upliftment of healthcare and medical tourism in India
2.Promotion of India as a Global brand in medical tourism
3.Making India as global destination for medical and wellness tourism

In 2016, Dr. Garg founded IIWMTA?, which works for dedicatedly in wellness and medical tourism in India.
Both the organizations founded by Dr. Garg plays a crucial role in promoting the Indian healthcare industry under his leadership, and the annual IIMTC event is being organized every year in the country .

About IIMTC (A global business Networking & knowledge Sharing Platform for Medical tourism stakeholders and Decision Makers )

About IIMTC 2016 – “Medicine in India” showcasing and networking of Indian health care in front of >100 international buyers coming from 50 countries .

Any Future Projects…
1.To continue promotion every year around the world.
2.Mega event will be held in 2019 with more than 50 dignitaries from all around the world including top leader.

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