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We are pleased to invite you to the ‘International Indian Wellness &  Medical Tourism Association’ (IIWMTA) India. Appreciating your highly sincere efforts towards promotion of Indian Medical Tourism, IIWMTA Advisory committee has decided to offer you Executive Member post for the betterment of Indian Healthcare Travel sector. That could be great honor if you are enrolled.

The IIWMTA will house a consortium of highly skilled healthcare providers, policy makers, government regulators, doctors and other stakeholders, with the aim of uplifting the medical tourism industry.

The idea is to develop strategic partnership in the medical and integrated health sector between India and countries of the various regions and also to promote quality healthcare services exports from India at reasonable prices across a wide range of specialized medical streams.

Why Join

In India, there is lack of a single, unified body that works towards a common goal. Taking into consideration the various research study and reports by government, private and international organisations a team of medical tourism professionals decide come together for development of medical tourism in India in organised way and form Indian Medical & Wellness Tourism Association.
According to the IITTM, Ministry of Tourism Government of India ‘Medical Tourism’ was unknown until a few years ago but now many countries have adopted a proactive approach for medical tourists and are facilitating it as a revenue generating business. The Indian government has begun to recognize the potential of tourism to Indian economy and has begun to invest in tourism infrastructure, though India is having potential for medical tourism in terms of knowledgeable doctors, average infrastructure and competitive prices which has not led to the expected business from the Medical Tourism.
International patients are taking support of medical tourism facilitators to get treatment in India. It means that there is an important role of medical tourism facilitators. But it is observed that many medical tourism facilitators have not officially registered their company/agency because there is no facility to register act as official medical tourism facilitator by government of India. There is also a lack of trained and qualified manpower for medical tourism operations in India.
As of now 30 countries has recognized as medical tourism destinations which are dealing with medical treatment and surgeries. As day by day medical tourism market is getting saturated, India still has potential to sustain with wellness tourism products. Medical Tourism Facilitators should include wellness tourism product as well, which would lead to the promotion of wellness tourism destinations all over India.

Who can Join

  • Medical Tourism Facilitators
  • Hospitals Marketing Head
  • Wellness Centers
  • Travel Agent & Tour Operator
  • Healthcare Portals Founder
  • Medical Tourism Portals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Academician
  • Researchers
  • International Marketing Head

Membership Benefits

  • One Brand for India
  • Business Growth
  • Networking
  • Association with government organisation
  • Association with Industry Experts
  • Association with Policy Makers
  • Business Development assistance
  • Access Publications
  • Training & Education
  • Participation in Annual Conventions


  • Patient Leads
  • Buyer Introduction


  • 5% discount on Conference Registration
  • 10% discount on Group Registration in IIMTC
  • 10% discount on Advertising
  • 10%  Discount on  Medical Tourism Congress Sponsorship
  • 10% discount on Branding Opportunities at Medical Tourism Congress
  • 10%  Discount on Exhibition  Medical Tourism Congress


  • Medical Tourism Assessment and recommended action plan
  • Speaking opportunity in conferences and workshop

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