by admin, August 13, 2015

India has a very advanced and sophisticated infrastructure in all types of health tourism. Especially during the last 8 years, public hospitals as well as private hospitals and health facilities have developed in terms of well-being of the physical environment alongside the availability of qualified doctors and other healthcare personnel, and have even progressed further in some respects in Medical Tourism.

The potential of India is quite high in terms of natural resources as well as the infrastructure and facilities. It is another visible fact that our existing capacity offer exceptional opportunities for the elderly and the disabled people.

India has been a center of attraction in regards with the strategic geographical location, easement of access and developed medical system to Europe,Other Asian countries, Middle East, North and Middle Africa, Russia and the CIS countries. Incoming foreign patients prefer Indian health institutions on grounds of both low cost and high quality and technology standards in almost all branches such as plastic and aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation, eye surgeries, test-tube baby, open heart surgery, skin diseases, check-ups, cancer treatments, otorhinolaryngology, dialysis and cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, dental, spa, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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